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We are shocked and saddened by the latest incidence in the Deep South when a security-related suspect was found unconscious under authority’s custody . He was rushed to the intensive care(ICU) of Pattani hospital for a life-threatening condition : acute cerebral edema due to hypoxia . His condition is critical.

Mr. Abdullah Isamusa , an apparently healthy young man of 32 , was nabbed by security personals from his home in Saiburi District, Pattani on the afternoon of 20 July 2019 . He was then taken to the Inkhayut Borihan Army Camp  for detention and interrogation.

In the early hours of 21 July 2019, less than 24 hours of detention, he was found unconscious in the bathroom of the interrogation centre within the camp. As usual, the army was quick to deny any  wrong-doing. Initial investigation by the police revealed that none of the CCTVs in the centre were functioning. Under these vague circumstances a foul play is highly suspected. Torture of suspects has been well documented at this notorious centre.

The fact that Mr. Abdullah was a suspect based on implication  did not mandate  the interrogators  to inflict bodily  harm against him , let alone causing  near death injuries. We strongly condemn this inhumane act of cowardice, the  severe violation of Human Rights and gross negligence during the interrogation process.

Similar incidences has been reported and documented  by the activists and media, both local and international. Hence it was not the first time. Neither will it be the last time, UNLESS, active intervention and positive actions are being taken . The world leaders must no longer stand passively watching these atrocities by the Thai military personals  go unchecked and  the perpetrators  unpunished. This is to ensure similar unwanted tragedies could be avoided in future.

Gross negligence and human rights violation by Thai authorities against inmates and detainees as well as innocent civilians  must stop and be checked. The time is NOW. Let us not wait until the occurrence of future  major tragedies before  concrete steps could be taken by world leaders.

The conflict of Patani is no longer a domestic issue of Thailand but one of the regional issues that needs international intervention. It is political in nature with historical root causes to be addressed. Hence the approach for conflict resolution should be political not by the use of force nor suppression. All draconian and unjust laws that affect the day-to-day lives of the people must be revoked immediately and unconditionally since now the elected government is in place. The people of Patani must be given the right  to self determination as guaranteed by the UN Charter.

We humbly call upon you, gentlemen, to do whatever possible, within your powers , to help find a political solution out of this conflict. The military approach adopted by the government thus far has failed to curb the violent incidences and confrontation. In fact , the animosity and retaliation from the liberation movements escalate. The ongoing peace process that promises  hope for the people often stalled and stopped due to lack of commitment, sincerity and strong political will from the Thai government . It is only through this approach, with the international involvement and support , that a true political outcome is achieved for the just ,comprehensive and sustainable peace in  Patani .

Thank you.

Abu Hafez Al-Hakim

for Patani Consultative Council ( MARA Patani)

23 July 2019

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